Welcome to the MTC Tennis Challenge 2020, where you have the chance to win a share of $1000 for playing tennis against friends. This competition will run from now until December 2020 and is designed to give a chance for all players to advance in the rankings and win, as long as they are actively challenging and do have a few good results. Prize money – 1st-$500, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$200.

Easy Steps:

  1. Challenge a player level or higher than you on the rankings.
  2. Agree to a time to play.
  3. Text Travis the challenge details before you play, and the result after you play.
  4. Watch your ranking change and challenge again.

The rankings are posted on the Leaderboard page (you will need to login to view), and so that you know who is available to be challenged, players involved in ‘LIVE’ challenges can be seen there.

To register your challenges, request another player’s contact details and for more information, contact Travis (Club Coach – 0410 391 275).

To view the current rankings, click here.

What to do, in more detail:

  • Challenge a player ranked on or above the same points as you.
  • The challenger decides court surfaces, match type and organizes balls, court availability details (hard court booking, grass court available).
  • Each challenge is either best of two Fast4 sets (Fast4 tiebreak decides the match if sets are 1-1) or best of two full tie-break sets, (a super tiebreak decides the match if sets are 1-1).
  • You can only challenge or be challenged by one person at a time, complete the challenge before challenging again. You cannot play the same person in two consecutive challenges.
  • If challenged, you must let the challenger know immediately if you can/will accept the challenge to be played with-in two weeks of the challenge being made.
  • Notify Travis of the challengers and when the accepted challenge will happen. Travis will be updating challenges, points, rankings, etc.

How the rankings/points work:

  • You will be ranked based on the points you have (nothing to do with pennants/club ranking). Anyone can challenge anyone for their first challenge, receive points and a ranking.
  • The points are weighted towards those challenging from lower down the rankings and to those who play the more challenges, ultimately leading to a close competition all year long.
  • If you win your challenge against a higher ranked player, you will be awarded 5 points for winning and 1 additional point for each ranking the player above you is. E.g. If #10 beats #1, #10 receives 5 + 9 = 14 points, and most likely move up the rankings.
  • If you win against a lower or same ranked player, you receive 5 points.
  • If you lose, you receive 2 points.
  • Each player playing in the Club Championships receives 5 points for playing and 1 point for each singles win they have.
  • New members joining the club will receive the lowest ranking and points.
  • There will be some tactics to when and who you challenge throughout the year, but the final two challenges (November 2020) will be randomly selected to avoid any manipulation.